Are You Spending Too Much Money Trying To Heat Your Pool?

Homeowners are lambasted daily about the importance of reducing carbon footprints through smarter energy sources, switching off lights, switching to L.E.D. bulbs etc, etc. But there is also a more practical reason, to reduce energy bills. This is very applicable to those who own pools. Read on to find out how you can reduce your energy bills by up to 70%.

In pools there is an almost silent energy hog right under unsuspecting owners noses that is in the midst of the pool, somewhere between out of sight and out of mind. It is of course an integral part of the pools circulation system, namely the pump. No pool can survive without one.

The pump can use way more electric than anything else in your home, including your air con. The pump can draw over 2000 watts of power. Many people also forget to turn them off during the pool season and they are running them like clockwork. You do not need to run your pump 24/7. You do though have to run it during the hottest part of the day to prevent bacteria growing.

The problem also stems from people not only switching the pump off, but using a single or 2 speed pump. These are the energy killers. You do not need to run your pump at a single fast speed all day. You need to start it fast and then you can lower it during the day significantly, and maybe boost it around midday or when people are using the pool.

You can switch it off at night and then switch it back on an hour or 2 before you use the pool. But isnt all this running back and forth going to make your head spin? Not in the slightest. Modern variable speed pumps allow you to change the speed in small to large increments. They are also programmable so you can program it 7 days per week, or just daily on repeat. You can also override presets and boost or lower the pump when you think your water needs it.

Variable speed pumps can save you up to 90% as compared to single speed pumps according to manufacturers, although most people in a real world setting including the guys at Bath Pool & Spa say you will save 60-70%. But that in itself can save you thousands of dollars per year. No pool should be without a variable speed pump. Single speed pumps were all that were available until recently. Then 2 speed pumps came out. They are nowhere near as effective as vari-speed pumps.

Now you know what the costs are and how much you can save, if you have an older pump switch it to a vari-speed model. It will pay for itself in 6 months.

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