Choosing Between A Bagged Or Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Deciding on the best vacuum cleaner for you can be daunting indeed. Firstly you need to decide on whether you want one with a bag or without a bag. Whether you go for one with or without a bag each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

As far as design is concerned the vacuum cleaner that requires a bag to function, was the first in general use. Having said that another thing that has changed dramatically over time is the way the bag is made.

The concept of a bagged vacuum cleaner is simple the dirt is sucked up into the vacuum and this is then deposited into a bag which in turn is thrown away once full.

Whereas the bagless vacuum cleaner is driven by cyclonic technology by which the larger particles are separated from the smaller fine dirt particles. The finer dirt is trapped in a filter whilst the larger dirt ends up in the container that you empty once full.

The Environment
The vacuum cleaners that use no bags are considered to be more environmentally friendly as there is no need to throw anything away other than the collected dirt.

Dispensing with the bag means less trash to be placed into landfills.

Dust and Allergens

Today the consumer has a choice when it comes to vacuum bags as there are bags that have been designed to assist those with asthma or varying types of allergies.

A vacuum that does not need bags may expose you to dust when you empty it. But the bagged vacuum cleaner is more hygienic without exposing you to the dust and dirt when you empty it. If you suffer from asthma or other environmental allergies and complaints, you may be interested to know that some vacuum bags are made specifically for keeping allergens low.

Convenience over Maintenance

It is far easier to see the dirt collected in a bagless vacuum than one with a bag this is beneficial if emptying the vacuum when full is of importance to you. The bagless cleaner may well require regular changing of the filters to keep the appliance performing at best levels. With the bagless vacuum the filter plays a big role in its performance hence the need for regular cleaning. The vacuum cleaner with a bag needs less attention or maintenance than its counterpart.

Cost and Performance
Generally a bagless vacuum cleaner can be more costly initially than one with a bag.Having said that, over time they can be less costly as there is no need to keep on spending money on bags.

I guess it really depends on how often you vacuum.
Performance can be equal for both the bagless and bagged vacuum cleaner but you may encounter less suction as the bag of the bagged vacuum cleaner becomes full.

I hope that this article can let you know the major differences between the bagged and bagless cleaner. Choose a vacuum wisely.

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