Give Your Bedroom Elegance And Comfort With A Wooden Sleigh Bed Frame

If you are in the market for a new bed, you may have come across the term sleigh bed and wondered what it meant. Sleigh beds have always been an incredibly popular choice and for good reason they can look stunning and feel comfortable. In the following post that is exactly what we will look at.

What is a Sleigh Bed?

A sleigh bed is a frame with a footboard and headboard that both curl at the tops of the corners. This resembles a sleigh, hence the name. Generally speaking, sleigh beds are constructed from hand or machine carved wood, with the more expensive designs featuring hand-carved curls on the headboards and footboards. Although popular in many countries, it originates in France, and then Americans loved the design and it was manufactured across the Atlantic. As sleigh bed frames curl in an outward fashion, so it is crucial that you take this fact into consideration when choosing a sleigh bed.

Modern sleigh beds often feature a headboard that is flat and a footboard that is curled, enabling you to place it as close to a bedroom wall as possible. To add a touch of glamour and sophistication, there are leather sleigh beds available. As well as being optimally comfortable for sleeping in, modern bed frames are usually constructed to offer additional storage space, which can be used to store things you don’t need immediately. Either that or they feature small drawers on casters or wheels that can slide under the bed. You can get them fairly cheaply at

Modern platform-style bed frames have permanent drawers, but many prefer the ones with wheels as they are easier to use. People who move a lot may prefer a platform bes style as it gives them more options when it comes to saving space. Most mattress styles are suitable for sleigh beds, with the only factor necessary to take into consideration really is the size.

Why Choose Solid Wood?

When it comes to the material, a wooden bed frame made from solid wood is thought to be superior to a metal bed frame, which can warp and rust easily. When they are properly maintained, they can last a good number of years. Looking after them is relatively easy and just requires you to dust them regularly and wipe them down with warm soapy water annually. If you opt for a varnished or painted frame, you may need to apply a new coat of varnish or paint when the original starts to wear off.

What’s In A Wood Type?

Pay close attention to the type of wood you choose. Pine and oak are generally considered to be the best when it comes to beds and furniture for bedrooms. Although things like particleboard and plywood look good and cost less than solid pine or oak, they are not nearly as robust or durable. The only real downside to solid wood frames is the weight, but when you consider the natural elegance and beauty, combined with the durability – this downside is only minor at best.

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