Heres Why Its Super Important To Keep Your Floors Super Clean

Cleaning represents an essential part of keeping our homes healthy. This is inclusive of killing and safeguarding our homes from bacteria and viruses that are harmful if not checked. And cleaning our house regularly is even more important during this Covid-19 pandemic as SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing Covid -19 can live on the surfaces of the floor in our homes for days. Most people overlook the ground beneath their feet forgetting it is one of the breeding places for germs and bacteria.

Fortunately, you can get rid of bacteria and viruses from the surfaces using some basic disinfectants as well as cleaning techniques. Many places in the house can become dirt and bacteria hideouts. Flooring is one of the often-overlooked places. If you are seeking a method to effectively kill germs and bacteria you can apply steam cleaning on the floor and backsplashes as you assist with getting rid of build-up on grout. Our shoes track in a lot of dirt and viruses making our house floors breeding places for germs and viruses.

Dirty floors represent an unsanitary environment. Diarrhea, one of the leading killers of children in the world, spreads rather easily in houses with unclean floors. Respiratory and parasitology diseases spread the same way too. Clean floors perform a significant role in our health, particularly when we have a carpet. Although our house floors may seem clean, they can be a ticking bomb waiting to explode. Substances like food crumbs, pollen, mold, dirty water, and other allergens that lay dormant on the floors can be dangerous. Once people step on them, they become airborne and can cause respiratory issues.

It is not a must you clean your floors every day, but you can give them a thrice-a-week mop as it can significantly improve the general health of your family while also reducing allergy symptoms. If your floor is water and chemical sensitive for instance hardwood and laminate floor options, your most efficient weapon is a simple damp microfiber flat mop like the one found here on Some cleaning solvents can damage a wooden floor but a microfiber dampened mop mixed with soap and warm water will give you a sparkling clean floor.

Once you are done using your microfiber mop, it is critical that you rinse it with clean water thoroughly to wash away the dirt and germs. The benefit of using a flat microfiber mop is that it can help to reduce cross-contamination if there are sick people at home. The mop has been embraced by most healthcare facilities as it effectively reduces cross-contamination risk between the patients’ wards.

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