People can choose from an array of wood types when buying their home or office furniture. However, those who are looking for cheap and elegant wooden goods should buy pine furniture. Its versatility and authentic looks make it a preferred material for making many types of furniture. Individuals who buy pine furniture will enjoy the following benefits:

Pine furniture is appealing even with minimal finishing. It is light yellow in colour and has a series of dark knots and brown grains that enhances their look. Therefore, if used on furniture, pine induces a rustic touch to furniture in turn brightens any room. In addition, it has an appealing natural scent that many users will like.

When you’re looking to create an inviting, light and airy living room, or a cozy cottage bedroom, one wood springs immediately to mind – pine. Furniture made from solid pine brings a fresh, stylish charm to any room in the house. What’s more, pine is a hard-wearing wood that stands the test of time – perfect for the busy family home. Find out more about popular pine with our quick guide to this versatile wood.

Pine is a soft, pale yellow or white wood which grows in practically all areas of the Northern Hemisphere. But what you know as pine is only the beginning – there are actually more than 100 species of pine across the world. As compared to oak, pine is a softwood while oak is a hardwood although this classification doesn’t actually represent the toughness of the wood – both are strong and sturdy. For example, one of the qualities of Shortleaf Pine is its superior strength, and it is as strong as Red Oak according to The Wood Database.

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The patterns in pine furniture are unique. All pine boards have a different combination of knots and grains that create not only attractive but also unique pieces of furniture.

People can apply several types of finishing on their pine furniture. For example, they can paint, stain, or apply varnish to their furniture. As a result, they can highlight various themes using their furniture. Moreover, they can stencil or apply other creative endeavours that will boost the appeal of their furniture.

Before applying any finish, wipe the surface with mineral spirits or turpentine. This will reveal any dents that or scratches that you may have missed while sanding. Focus a bright spotlight across the surface and examine it carefully for defects. If the surface is clear, you can apply the finish.

Staining pine can be frustrating because it sucks up the color a different rates creating a motley surface. For this reason, pine is often called a ”blotch-prone wood.” Many woodworkers avoid this problem by not using any stain. They simply apply a clear finish, like polyurethane.

If you want to stain, it’s best to apply a sealer first. Sealers are brush-on liquids that penetrate into the wood to limit the amount of absorption. It is difficult to tell how much sealer should be used because different products produce different results. The end grain of boards is particularly absorbent and may need a few coats of sealer so the end matches the surface color.

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Contrary to other types of wood, individuals can strip and refurnish their pine furniture. This is important, especially if they want to restore their lost gleam or introduce other themes. This is essential for parents who want to keep the bedroom of their children looking neat.

Individuals can explore the flexibility that different types of pine wood offer to create various furniture. For example, they can use ponderosa pine wood to create both outdoor and indoor furniture. This is because it is durable and is resistant to warping. On the other hand, they can use white pine to create lightweight or contemporary furniture. Independent of the type of pine species used, people will get high value furniture that will last a lifetime.

Pine furniture also blends well with other type or furniture and décor. Therefore, people who buy a new table or chair that is made of pine wood should not toss away their old ones. However, they should make sure that they buy custom-made furniture rather than the mass-produced one. Consequently, they will factor their individual preferences and create unique designs that will blend with their existent décor and furniture.

Wood tones are often problematic when you  choose  a colour scheme or new furnishings.  Some  people  are willing to solve the problem by spending hours looking for furniture with the same wood tones. After all that work you may  end up with a boring room where everything looks the same and blends into each other.

An easier and more exciting approach is to mix wood tones in your decor to provide a more layered, interesting room. You can mix tones with confidence it you stick to a few basic guidelines.

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