Creating Space At Home With Stowaway, Sofa And Ottoman Beds

Regardless of whether you have a large home, you will agree that nothing beats having extra storage space to keep the house looking tidy without clutter. If you want to keep guest rooms and other types of bedrooms tidy and free from clutter, you should go for ottoman beds. And if your interest is on saving the small space in your room or apartment, you should consider stowaway and sofa beds. Lets go into a little detail on these 3 beds:

Ottoman beds
This is a great option for people with small rooms like childrens bedrooms and guest bedrooms looking to create extra storage space. Ottoman beds are designed in such a way that the base of the bed can lift up completely to allow for items to be stored in its base. Most ottoman beds come with assisted lift systems for easy access to the storage space. Choosing to go with a sprung base ottoman bed will not only be a great option for having some storage space, but also for a comfortable and restful night sleep. Ottoman beds can be gotten online and can be a cheaper option than buying storage and bed separately – take a look at the Ottoman bed range here.

Sofa beds
When you shop online for sofa beds, you will be amazed at the different options you will be presented with. Sofa beds range from minimalist and modern minimalist futons to plush sofa beds that look just like a normal settee. You get to save space with sofa beds because they can be folded away. You will have up to a one-third space of the room left with sofa beds than regular guest beds. It is not just suited for guest bedrooms, but also save room in a studio or a bijou apartment so that you have space to work with during the day and spread it out when its time to get some sleep. Whatever type of room you have, you will find sofa beds to be useful in creating space and also transforming a room from a living or study room into a bedroom. You might want to shop around online for the best offer on sofa beds from online retailers.

Stowaway beds
If you need to free up some space to create an extra room, then stowaway beds are the way to go! They are designed to be lifted easily and secured to the wall so that you can have enough floor space to play with. If your childrens room is on the small size, stowaway beds will come in handy because they can be lifted up to allow the children some space to play with. Stowaway bed is also great for people who live in a studio since it allows them to have a living room in the day and a bedroom at night.
If you are short on space, you can create a lot of space with sofa, stowaway and ottoman beds. You get to change the look and versatility of your home.

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