How To Keep A Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Running Well?

You made the jump from an old-fashioned vacuum to a bagless vacuum. Just because you no longer have to struggle with changing bags doesn’t mean your vacuum doesn’t need basic maintenance once in a while to keep its suction and keep your floors clean. Here’s how to keep it in good working order.

The following are some easy to follow tips
1. Empty and clean the dirt cup of your bagless canister vacuum frequently. Most of them are see-through, so you can tell when the dirt is piling up. Wash it thoroughly in hot, soapy water, and set it aside to dry.
2. While the canister is out, run the end of a long-handled screwdriver up into the hole where dirt drops into the canister, to make sure it isn’t blocked. You may find a clog of dust and hair is blocking the opening, particularly if you haven’t emptied the canister in a long time.
3. Detach the hoses from your bagless vacuum and take them outside. Tap them on the ground to make sure they’re not clogged either. Take them inside and reattach them, making sure they’re firmly seated.
4. Check your HEPA filter. A dirty or clogged filter can cause your bagless vacuum to lose suction quickly. If you can’t afford a new one, take it outside and tap it firmly to dislodge as much dust and dirt as possible. Make sure you properly reinstall it.
5. Turn your vacuum over, and examine the brush roller. Make sure it turns freely. Often if you or someone in your family has long hair, it can wind itself around the rollers, making them less efficient, and sometimes even stopping the roller from turning. String, thread or ribbon can also cause this problem.
6. If that’s the case, take a box cutter or razor blade, and cut the snarls of hair or string. Pull and work them loose with your fingers until the roller is free of tangles.
7. Wipe your bagless vacuum down with a damp cloth, and replace the dirt cup or container. Repeat this process every few weeks, as necessary.

Also, bagless vacuum cleaners require some cleaning to work properly especially the dirt cup and vacuum filter. This can be done in a few steps as outlines below.
1. Remove the large container on the front of the vacuum where the dirt collects. It usually has a lever on the front that can be slid to the side in order to remove the container.
2. Empty the container into your trash and shake it a couple of times to dislodge any dust.
3. Twist the bottom of the large container to unhook and remove the smaller container attached to it. This container will have a foam piece attached to a rounded filter. Remove the foam piece and, using your fingers, rub away all the dust that has accumulated there.
4. Take the filter that you removed the foam piece from outside and bang it gently against a wall. This will remove all the dust trapped inside.
5. Turn the foam piece inside out and place it back onto the filter. Put the filter back in the small container and reattach it to the larger container.
6. Reach above where the large container sat and unhook the filter that sits there. Take this filter outside and gently bang it against a wall to dislodge any dust there. Then place it back in the vacuum.
7. Once the overhead filter is securely in place, put the large container back into its place. Secure it with the lever.

To ensure that your bagless cleaner always perform at the top performance, you should do the vacuum maintenance and cleaning regularly. This will also prolong the life of your bagless vacuum.

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