The Role Of Your Computer Or Smartphone In Home Security

With the advent of technology, keeping your home safe has become easier. With more tools at your disposal, you can prevent both natural and man-made threats from causing harm, and appropriately address such threats should they happen.

A new weapon in your arsenal for securing your home is your electronic devices. The role of your computer or smartphone is made bigger than ever before in today’s home security systems. Here are some of the ways you can use your phone for security purposes.

Monitor surveillance cameras: You can monitor your home using your computer or smartphone. By installing a program or app linked to your security system, you can monitor your home in real-time, anytime you want.

You can choose to view any of the cameras at any given time, helping you spot any suspicious activity right away. This feature can also be very helpful for monitoring the people you are with at home, especially dependents such as kids and seniors.

Switch on/off lights and appliances: Your home security system can sometimes double as a home automation system as well. You can use your computer or smartphone to switch on and off lights and other appliances linked to your security system.

With a few simple steps, you can turn these devices on and off in real-time. You can even set a particular time of the day when to turn on/off these devices, and even adjust how some of them function (ex.: thermostats).

Be alerted on possible threats and problems: Some home safety systems play a more active role in keeping your home safe. It is capable of alerting you, any member of your family, or the authorities if it senses any suspicious activity or a possible emergency.

Your system can alert you of fire, a burglar, or a relative in trouble. Your security system usually sends an alert to your device in real-time. From there, you can determine what model of action you should take next.

Call for appropriate action: While some of the latest systems have automated actions that will perform measures on their own, it is still nice to have full control over your home when such situations arise.

When you receive an alert form your home security system, you have the power to call for a particular action at any given time. You can manually call relatives, the cops, or emergency services using your device.

The role of your computer or smartphone in today’s home security systems is immense. It gives you the ability to monitor your home, anytime and anywhere.

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